"Life has to be lived forwards but can only be understood backwards." -Sören Kierkegaard


Welcome to Bangkok Psychology, I am a clinical psychologist and as a therapist I provide individual and group therapy for adults and adolescents as well as families in various constellations.

My name is Johan Toft, I am a Swedish psychologist trained and educated at the University of Gothenburg and in January 2015 I relocated to Thailand to open up a practice in Bangkok.

Primarily I provide psychotherapy for issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma and addiction but I also work with assessements and management consulting and development. More information on that part will be available at a later point in time as individual work takes up most of my time at the moment.

If you want to make an appointment just go to the contact page and send me an email, I am also happy to answer any questions you might have. For the most common questions you might find the answer you are looking for in my faq and I also post interesting psychology related articles and such on my Twitter feed that you can see on the left side of this page.

I aim to provide the best mental healthcare possible to the residents of Bangkok and it's surrounding areas. Please check back here once in a while to get the latest updates and information.

My services include:

  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Cognitive and behavioral therapy
  • Existential guidance and counselling
  • Leadership consulting, assessment and development