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"Life has to be lived forwards but can only be understood backwards." -Sören Kierkegaard

Welcome to Bangkok Psychology

Bangkok Psychology was established in January 2015 with the aim at providing the best mental health care possible.

Our approach could best be described as "modern classic", where we stay up to date with the latest research and scientific evidence while at the same time honoring the history and foundations of our profession.

Our therapists are trained in various methods of psychoogical therapy and continuosly strive to deepen their knowledge by branching out into overlapping fields like neurology and philosophy.

We work with adult individuals, couples, families and children, and also provide supervision, mentoring and management training for fellow professionals and organisations.


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Twitter Feed/Blog

With the massive amount of information that is available today it can be difficult to sort out what is actually valid and useful.

Please follow our Twitter for the most current information in the field of psychology.

Here we mainly post links to articles that you can use to educate yourself on therapeutic theory and technique as well as medication and many other things that are of great importance in today´s world.

Our Team

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Johan is a Swedish clinical psychologist and founder of the company.


Christoffer is a Swedish clinical psychologist based in Sweden.


We will expand our team in the coming year, if you are interested in joining us click here to find out more.